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About our website

Tell us what you think of the redesign!

We've recently given our site a bit of a fresh look and feel - a new home page and navigation system, and crisper design and typography. If you've had chance to look around, do tell us what you think about it!

Having problems?

If you're having problems with a council service (eg, your bins haven't been collected on time), then you can report it online via the do it online page or make a complaint on our your views page more quickly than phoning up.

If you've found a problem on our website itself - a broken link, missing information, or a problem with your online account - then please let us know using our website help form.

Online account

You can have an online Customer Account that makes it easier to access services in one place on the website, the account will enable you to:

  • Have secure access to request council services within your personal account
  • View the status of your requests, bookings, applications and payments for certain services
  • Access services any time of the day or week
  • Fill in forms quickly by saving your personal details

Register now to create your own personal account.

Website advertising

Birmingham City Council now enables organisations to advertise on Birmingham.gov.uk.

Birmingham.gov.uk is visited by over half a million people who live in and around Birmingham every month. This, combined with the unique community services delivered through the site, make it a unique vehicle for local and national organisations to promote themselves to the people of Birmingham.

For more details please visit birmingham.gov.uk/advertising

Browser support

The web browsers we commit to supporting are Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11 and the current versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, on Windows 7 and above for PC, and OSX Mavericks and above for Mac. In the mobile domain we commit to supporting Safari and Chrome on iOS 7 and above for iPhones and iPads, and Chrome and (where possible) the native browser for Android 4.1 and above phones and tablets.

Whilst we will investigate all reports of problems we receive regardless of browser or its version, we are unable to commit to supporting Internet Explorer 9 and below due to the fact that those earlier versions of IE are not sufficiently standards compliant to be able to create layout and functionality which is guaranteed to work simultaneously in those versions of IE as well as modern browsers; IE8 users in particular will experience a degraded layout and a loss of certain functionality.

If due to policies imposed by your system administrator you are unable to install a modern version of IE there are a number of alternatives you can try which can usually be installed yourself without reference to an IT support team:

Please though be aware that we cannot be held responsible for software downloaded from other websites.


The icons on our site have come from The Noun Project - a community-based website building a growing crowdsourced library of icons created by designers across the world to a common design language.

Website statistics

During the period November 2013 to October 2014 the following headline statistics can be described:

  • 37,729316 pageviews by
  • 5,170,588 users over
  • 10,254,776 sessions averaging
  • 3.68 pages per session.


  • 2,900,667 sessions were carried out by users of Internet Explorer,
  • 2,793,544 sessions were on Safari (desktop and mobile),
  • 2,783,794 sessions were on Chrome (desktop and mobile),
  • 728,687 sessions were on the Android native browser, and
  • 689,542 sessions were on Firefox (desktop and mobile).

As well as this,

  • 5,403,744 sessions were on Windows,
  • 2,621,845 sessions were on iOS,
  • 1,473,653 sessions were on Android,
  • 465,189 sessions were on OSX,
  • 102,359 sessions were on Linux, and
  • 84,242 sessions were on Windows Phone,


  • 5,975,592 sessions were on a desktop or laptop computer,
  • 2,842,391 sessions were on a mobile phone, and
  • 1,436,793 sessions were on a tablet device.

Our top 10 most accessed pages of the 37,729,316 pageviews during the year were

  • Home - 5,679,374 pageviews,
  • Vacancy search - 872,918 pageviews,
  • Log in to your secure account - 819,190,
  • Jobs (main page) - 786,391,
  • Your details - find a Birmingham address - 679,248,
  • Contact us - 607,830,
  • Your details - personal details - 485,523,
  • School term dates - 429,023,
  • Waste and recycling - 364,246, and
  • Frankfurt Christmas Market - 351,676.