Bold proposal to deliver new waste depot as part of service improvement plan

Published: Tuesday, 5th October 2021

Plans to further modernise the city council’s waste management services through the development of a new depot are due before Cabinet Members on October 12.

The project would see the existing Montague Street and Redfern Road depots brought together on a new site also situated on Redfern Road in Tyseley.

Representing an investment totalling £13.6million, the project will bring together a range of key elements of the service at one location including brand new vehicle workshops and training facilities as well as a base for crews to operate out of.

The Montague Street site was sold to Homes England in March 2020 and if the proposals are agreed by Cabinet, the existing Redfern Road site will also be disposed of.

It is anticipated the new Redfern Road depot could be operational as soon as mid-September 2022 and in line with the council’s sustainability ambitions, the facility will be furnished with a mixture of new equipment and surplus items from the surplus 1 Lancaster Circus building.

Cllr John O’Shea, Cabinet Member for Street Scene and Parks at Birmingham City Council, said: “We’ve made it clear in recent times that we are fully committed to meeting one of the top priorities for the people of Birmingham – cleaner, greener, streets.

New refuse collection vehicles to the value of £11million are operational across the city and we’re putting in an extra £7.2million for a range of measures including new CCTV, Mobile Household Recycling Centres, and more fly-tipping crews and they are starting to make a positive difference already. This is yet more investment in a key council service.

“It would have been easy to carry on using the dated and inadequate depot facilities our hardworking crews have had to operate out of for many years. This bold plan will ensure our services are equipped to meet the future needs of the city’s people.”

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