Operation Encompass launched in Birmingham to improve school support available for children who experience domestic abuse

Published: Tuesday, 21st September 2021

An initiative that will improve the support provided to children who experience domestic abuse has been launched in Birmingham

Operation Encompass enhances communication between the police and schools where a child is at risk from domestic abuse.

It is a process used to inform schools when the police have attended an incident of domestic violence or abuse in the homes of their pupils. This ensures sensitive and child-focused in-school support to mitigate the impact of domestic abuse on the affected child’s learning, wellbeing and development.

More than 300 schools have attended the launch and training.

Cllr Sharon Thompson, cabinet member for vulnerable children and families, said: “This is a really good initiative, ensuring partners work well together and vital information isn’t missed. School staff do an excellent job being alert to any possible concerns with their children and this gives them that extra support.”

Detective Chief Inspector Dean Gordon, from our public protection unit, said: “We’re committed to the principles of Operation Encompass, and have been working together with partners to deliver this across the West Midlands since its introduction. The launch of this initiative within Birmingham is a great opportunity to provide further support to those children exposed to domestic abuse, and we look forward to working together with partners to help children at risk.”

Notes to editors

  1. Operation Encompass was launched on 15 September and participating schools in Birmingham have suitably trained staff termed Key Adults.
  2. Each morning West Midlands Police share all Domestic Abuse incidents that they have attended to overnight with BCC Education Safeguarding
  3. The designated Education Safeguarding Team staff member cross-checks and then uploads onto an information sharing platform (ECINS ) accessible to schools
  4. The Operation Encompass Key Adult in each relevant school then receives an email from ECINS informing them that they have a notification. They then “check- in” with the child and coordinate the needed in-school support.
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