Plans to modernise waste services announced

Published: Tuesday, 27th June 2017

A report to Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet on June 27 has set out plans for a modern refuse service.

This represents the latest stage in making improvements to ensure citizens get the best possible value-for-money services.

The cabinet report outlines:

  • Proposals for the reorganisation of the waste management service
  • Reducing reliance on hiring costly agency staff by creating almost 250 permanent full-time jobs
  • Delivering savings of £5.2million annually

Council Corporate Director for Place, Jacqui Kennedy, said: “Our waste collection services must become as efficient as those run by other councils, and that means changes to working practices are inevitable.

“By switching the working time from four nine hour days to five seven-and-a-half hour days Birmingham will move into line with most other cities and save £5.2 million a year.

“Our plans are a vote of confidence in the future – they mean that the council will be investing in modernising the waste service, streamlining it and making sure citizens get the best possible service with cleaner streets and emptier bins.

“We regret that disputes have been registered by four unions and that disruptive action by UNITE is planned. We want to get round the table with the unions. But our priority must be Birmingham residents and businesses.

“The current working arrangements are not cost-effective and do not provide citizens with a good service. We know we have to change that, and are determined to do so.”

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