Making Low Traffic Neighbourhoods work for all

Published: Tuesday, 25th May 2021

Birmingham City Council has committed to work with residents and businesses to adapt and improve Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes in Moseley and Kings Heath and use local feedback to shape changes.

Transport bosses have also promised a series of ‘quick fix’ measures to improve traffic flow in congested locations including, better signage and changes to traffic signal timings.

A dedicated project board will be created to oversee any future phases, including the continued development of travel plans to encourage walking and cycling to school and full public consultation on new designs.

The Council started delivering the Places for People programme (also known as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) last year, as part of its emergency transport response to Covid-19. The schemes in Moseley and Kings Heath have received a significant amount of feedback, with strong views expressed both for and against.

Following a meeting with local MPs Steve McCabe MP and Tahir Ali MP, and local Councillors Mary Locke, Martin Straker Welds, Kerry Jenkins, Mike Leddy, Lisa Trickett and Katherine Iroh, Leader of Birmingham City Council, Councillor Ian Ward said: "Schemes like this are crucial if we are going to meet our ambitious target for the city to become carbon neutral by 2030, but change often leads to disruption and it's important that we now listen to feedback as we work with the local community to get this right."

Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Cllr Waseem Zaffar added: “We are working towards a common goal here – we all want cleaner air to breathe, better environments for our families to live in and improved quality of life for our citizens.

“But we must work with communities to get this right. We now have an action plan to build on the successful aspects of the schemes and improve on what is already in place."

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