City nightclub licence suspended for breaching Covid rules

Published: Friday, 2nd October 2020

A Birmingham nightclub has had its licence suspended following a number of Covid-19 legislation breaches at the venue.

Nakira at Queensgate, 121 Suffolk Street Queensway, in the city centre, was subject to a Licensing Sub Committee hearing yesterday (1 October 2020).

Police called for an expedited review of the premises licence following a number of breaches, most recent being that officers found it was operating past the 10pm curfew, with customers still inside the venue at 12.40am on Saturday 26 September.

Licensing Sub Committee A suspended the premises licence and also asked that Anton Gasparov be removed as the Designated Premises Supervisor.

Full details of the hearing and interim decision are contained within reports on the council’s website.

A date will be set for a full review, which will be heard within 28 days.

Cllr Philip Davis, chair of Licensing Sub Committee A, said: “All businesses have a responsibility - not only to their staff and customers - but to the wider community and there must be consequences when COVID-19 guidance is simply ignored. This is potentially a matter of life or death and Birmingham City Council will continue to work with West Midlands Police to enforce the guidelines.

“It is clear that Nakira’s management failed to follow Government guidance and the club was operating with no regard for social distancing or public health.

“The way in which this premises was being run was endangering the public by risking the spread of COVID-19: It is this kind of behaviour that has contributed to restrictions being placed on Birmingham to try and control the sharp rise in cases in the city.”

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