Blueprint for Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure

Published: Wednesday, 1st March 2017

Birmingham City Council launched its ‘City Blueprint for Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure’ in February 2015 at the Council House.

The event was attended by a range of organisations from public and private sector industries representing Birmingham’s Green Commission, transport policy, energy, fleet management, developers and planners.

Building on the ‘Birmingham Connected’ Transport Strategy which sets out a 20 year vision for improving transport in the city, the City Council has developed a blueprint for low carbon fuel infrastructure. This blueprint identifies the key priorities and opportunities for the refuelling and recharging infrastructure that will be needed to support growing fleets of low and ultra-low carbon vehicles.

The blueprint covers electric, hydrogen, gas, methane/ bio-methane and LPG vehicles, and has been developed in close consultation with fleet operators active in the Birmingham area, with the support of low carbon consultancy Element Energy.

The launch event presented key findings of the Blueprint study, recommendations and immediate projects to be developed for Birmingham to deliver the significant CO2 and air quality benefits offered by cleaner vehicles.


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