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Vision to promote Edgbaston Reservoir as major destination

Draft masterplan for Edgbaston Reservoir
Published: Thursday, 2nd May 2019

Birmingham City Council has today launched a draft masterplan for Edgbaston Reservoir and is asking the public for their views.

The masterplan outlines a vision to promote the reservoir as a regional destination for leisure and recreation, for existing and new communities.

Located on the doorstep of the city centre, the reservoir serves a wide range of communities and acts as a visitor destination. It is a key open space in the city, and is designated as a Local Nature Reserve, providing significant ecological value.

Completed in 1829, Edgbaston Reservoir is an important part of Birmingham’s industrial heritage. Historically it performed cultural and public health functions, and became a popular destination offering a variety of recreational activities. The vision for the reservoir builds on this history, aiming to boost the reservoir’s role as a thriving destination.

The masterplan sets out plans to create an enhanced green environment for visitors and residents to enjoy. A transformed pedestrian and cycling route will connect the reservoir to the city’s wider networks, and deliver health and well-being benefits. A signposted walking trail will celebrate the rich heritage and culture of the reservoir, and provide a unique visitor attraction. Key development proposals including the Tower Ballroom site are also identified.

Councillor Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council said: “This masterplan is the first step towards realising the full potential of the reservoir for the residents of Birmingham. With the city’s population set to grow by 10% over the next 15 years, open spaces such as Edgbaston Reservoir will provide a unique asset to support the health and well-being of existing and future residents.”

Plans for the reservoir will contribute to the city’s inclusive growth agenda by delivering exemplar homes set within active, high-quality open space. With a further 3,000 new homes, and 1,000 new jobs being delivered over the next ten years across the Greater Icknield area, the reservoir will provide a valuable resource for the expanding population.

Councillor Sharon Thompson, Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods said: “There are huge opportunities to enhance the reservoir as a public open space and improve its offer to create a leisure destination that reflects its historic and environmental features. The reservoir will continue to sit at the heart of the local community, and provide a key green asset that brings people together.”

People are encouraged to visit to find out more and submit their comments.

A series of drop-in sessions will be held where the document will be on display, and officers will be available to answer any questions. For further details please visit the website.

11 June update: The consultation initially ran until 28 June but has now been extended to 26 July.

Following consultation on this draft masterplan, comments will be taken into consideration, and necessary changes made, prior to its adoption as a formal planning document in autumn 2019.

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