Elections form advisory note – 22 August 2018

Published: Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “We have been made aware today some Household Enquiry Forms for the London Borough of Ealing have gone out with return envelopes for Birmingham enclosed."

"Having been in discussion with our printers, we believe that there may have been a mix-up in the inserting of envelopes at our printers, and therefore some of Birmingham’s residents may find that their Household Enquiry Forms contain return envelopes for Ealing.

If you find that you are affected by this, you can respond to the household form without returning it in the post. You can log on to www.elecreg.co.uk/birmingham or ring 0808 284 1505 to confirm or amend any details. If there are no changes to your details you can also text 07786 209 405. You should refer to your Household form  to find the instructions on how to respond using these methods, and also the two part security code you will need to log a response. You could also scan or take a photo of the form and email it to the office at ier@birmingham.gov.uk.

If you do need to send the form back through the post, you can use the envelope enclosed – even if it is addressed to Ealing Council.

We have made reciprocal arrangements with their Electoral Services Office to exchange any forms which are caught up in this issue as swiftly as possible, which will come at no extra cost to either local authority. If you do send the form back and your envelope is addressed to Ealing, please write BIRMINGHAM clearly on the front of the envelope so that it is easily identifiable.

However you decide to send the form back, you need to respond by 7 September to ensure that you don’t receive a reminder."


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