School closures - Friday 2 March

Published: Thursday, 1st March 2018

As a result of the current snow and freezing weather, all local authority schools, city council-run day nurseries and related transport services will not operate on Friday 2 March.

Anne Ainsworth, Assistant Director for Children and Young People at Birmingham City Council, said:  “Throughout this evening we have seen worsening weather conditions, with more and more schools taking the decision to close tomorrow (Friday 2 March).

“So due to the recent adverse weather and more snow and freezing conditions forecast overnight, I have instructed all Birmingham City Council-run schools, day nurseries and related school transport services to not operate tomorrow.

“This is because conditions will remain very hazardous tomorrow and the safety of our children and young people is of paramount importance. Even if pupils walk to school we will not be able to guarantee enough staff on site to look after them.

“I would strongly advise all other schools within Birmingham to do the same.”

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