Birmingham Design Guide to inspire innovation in development

Published: Thursday, 5th October 2017

Birmingham City Council has launched the first stage in the production of a comprehensive design guide for the city that will help steer all future development

Birmingham Design Guide

With unprecedented levels of investment in both infrastructure and new development, the city council wants to ensure this is not only high quality but inclusive, sustainable and connected.

To help achieve this, the council is creating a new Birmingham Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to steer and guide all future development across the city, from tall buildings in the city centre, to residential schemes in the suburbs, and industrial developments in the city’s employment areas. This will be achieved through a range of design principles and best practice examples, to lead and inspire innovation.

The Design Guide Vision document is the first stage in the creation process, outlining the council’s intentions and inviting people to submit comments on want they feel should be within the design guide.

Allied with the new guide, will be the creation of a Birmingham Design & Conservation Review Panel, which will be instrumental in helping deliver the design ethos presented within the Guide.

The city council is keen to create a diverse panel of expertise and would like to receive expressions of interest from a broad range of professionals who wish to join the Panel.

Councillor Ian Ward, interim leader of Birmingham City Council, said:

“I am delighted to launch this first stage in the creation of a new design guide and accompanying Design and Conservation Review Panel for Birmingham. We want this vision document to stimulate aspirations, debate and interest in the future of our great city.

“Birmingham has always embraced change and evolution, leading to the dynamic, ambitious city it has become today, with a rich cultural diversity and innovative approach to architecture. This forward-looking attitude is the essence of Birmingham and its communities, and we want this new Design Guide and Review Panel to reflect this vigour and ambition, ensuring future development creates a lasting legacy for the city.

“This is the first opportunity to input into this important new document for Birmingham, and we welcome views from you all.”

Waheed Nazir, Corporate Director of Economy at Birmingham City Council, added:

“The new Birmingham Design Guide and accompanying Design & Conservation Review Panel will become important tools in helping to realise the future aspirations for Birmingham. As global interest in Birmingham continues to grow, it is important the city has the tools and professional expertise to productively embrace this investment and shape quality places for the future.”

A 6 week period of public consultation on the Design Guide Vision document runs until Monday 6 November. During this same period the city council would like to receive expressions of interest from professionals who would like to join the Design & Conservation Review Panel.

Comments received on the Vision will help shape the draft Design Guide, which the city council anticipates publishing in early 2018, leading onto adoption of the final Guide in summer 2018. The Design Review Panel will commence its formal role on adoption of the Guide.

Further information and copies of the Design Guide Vision document can be found on our website.

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