Transforming neglected empty homes into new family homes

Published: Friday, 8th March 2024

Homes left empty and abandoned are being transformed and brought back into use all year round by Birmingham City Council's empty homes team.

Since April 2023 to February 2024 the council has brought 340 empty homes back into use.

As National Empty Homes Week began on Monday 4 March, Birmingham City Council, has been urging owners of empty properties all week to find out how the council can help bring these much-needed homes back into use.

Empty homes can become very run down over time, they attract fly-tippers, can be a cause of anti-social behaviour as well as often being an eyesore in a neighbourhood. 

A property in the Bournbrook and Selly Park ward had a ferocious creeping ivy plant which had grown to such an extent that the roots became embedded in the roof and had grown into the neighbour's roof and house. 

Following a meeting with the council, the owner and the neighbour, the ivy was removed, and the property was refurbished.

Councillor Jayne Francis, Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness, said:

"Long term empty homes are a wasted resource that are often a blight on a local community. We will continue to take action to address these.

"Homes that stand empty in Birmingham are targets for squatters, vandals, burglars and used as cannabis farms. They also devalue other people's homes who live near them.

"We are in the middle of a national housing crisis, so these are properties we're keen to see put back into use, increasing the supply of available properties in Birmingham."

"Bringing an empty home back into use helps maintain property values, end anti-social behaviour and improve the sense of pride in a local neighbourhood.

"Making an empty house a home again has huge benefits to the owner. 

However, we understand the challenges people face in type of project, so our empty homes team are keen to support anyway they can."

People can contact the empty home teams by emailing or calling 0121 303 7978.

During this National Empty Homes Week, the Empty Property Team will be using their twitter account @bccemptyhomes and other social media to highlight the work they carry out. 

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