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Vigil for the people of Ukraine

Published: Thursday, 23rd February 2023

On Friday the 24th of February at 5pm there will be a rally in support of Ukraine at Centenary Square, organised and hosted by community organisation Centrala.

Ukrainians will come together to remember everything that happened during this year. The
most terrible, longest and darkest year for all Ukrainians.

Today in Birmingham there are about one thousand Ukrainian families (mostly women with
children), who fled the war in Ukraine. Total arrivals of Ukraine Scheme visa-holders in the
UK is more than 160,000. This rally is an opportunity to tell everyone about this terrible war
on behalf of those who saw it with their own eyes.

Centrala has invited representatives of Birmingham City Council, Public Organisations and
volunteers that have helped Ukrainians to restart their lives in Birmingham. We want to take
this opportunity to give them this recognition for all that they have done, in helping everyone
adjust here.

During the rally, we will also honour the memory of all those who died in this war. According
to various sources, during the large-scale war in Ukraine, from seven to forty thousand
civilians have died, including at least five hundred children.

Organisers of the event - Centrala together with volunteers from leading Ukrainian groups
in Birmingham.

Centrala is an Art Space in Birmingham dedicated to promoting Central and Eastern
European art and culture and to support migrants integration. Since the escalation of war in
February 2022 Centrala have been offering support to the arriving refugees from Ukraine.
The support includes practical advice and information, emotional support and creating a
platform for Ukrainian celebrations and gatherings.

More information about Centrala can be found here.

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