City council invite residents to say ‘no’ to fizzy drinks during Fizz-Free February

Published: Wednesday, 1st February 2023

Birmingham City Council in partnership with health and voluntary organisations, are launching campaign in February to help persuade people to swap sugar-laden fizzy drinks for healthier alternatives.

The campaign will see activities throughout the month – with games, puzzles, videos and social media posts - aimed at getting people to switch from fizzy drinks. They can take the pledge as an individual, or as part of a school, workplace, or local community – and get on board to ‘phase out the fizz.’
Cutting out fizzy drinks can drastically reduce your sugar intake and is an easy way to improve your health in later life – reducing tooth decay, obesity and even diabetes.

Councillor Mariam Khan - Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said: 

“Birmingham has gone fizz free every year since 2020 and we want you to join us this year. I am passionate, as is Birmingham City Council about supporting our city’s adults to make the best choices and to live a bolder healthier life. Fizzy drinks contain a large amount of sugar that can lead to poor health outcomes in adults and impact their life expectancy. These are just two ways that sugar, sweets, and soft drinks can lead to obesity and increase your daily calorie intake.”

“The prevalence of diabetes in Birmingham is currently at 9.1% which is alarming and avoidable with the right lifestyle choices such as giving up fizzy drinks. You can make a positive lifestyle change, reduce your risk of diabetes, improve your oral health, and avoid preventable disease by going fizz free. So, join me and the city of Birmingham this February and go fizz free.”

So, why not take the pledge in February and cut out those fizzy drinks.

For more information about Fizz-Free February and access to the campaign resources, please visit Fizz Free February page.

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