Call for evidence: meeting the needs of current and future employment opportunities for young people

Published: Wednesday, 23rd November 2022

An inquiry is being launched into how skills, learning and employment prospects for young people can improve across the city.

The council’s Economy and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be asking how the council is responding to the Breaking Down the Barriers Report and what the vision is for Life-Long Learning and Skills across the city.

As part of a ‘call for evidence’ people are being asked to provide information. They will be looking at the five key recommendations from the Breaking Down Barriers report (Breaking down barriers: working towards Birmingham’s future supporting younger people into employment | Birmingham City Council) and how the council is supporting those aims: support young people to build confidence and resilience; develop a comprehensive city-wide mentoring scheme; facilitate accessible work experience opportunities; reshape careers advice and guidance services; deliver a locally designed scheme of employment support for young people and businesses.

The inquiry will also look at how marketing and communication strategies are used to inform disenfranchised young people of the skills and employment opportunities available, and how young people are supported to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Cllr Saima Suleman, chair of the committee, said: “We want to hear from as many people as possible and learn of their experiences; we need evidence to shape our response to the major challenges this city faces.

“Almost one in five young people in Birmingham are now out of work, substantially greater than the current UK average. Through our scrutiny inquiry we aim to contribute to policy development through focussing on the recommendations of the Breaking Down the Barriers Report that relate to the skills agenda for young people.

“This is about reducing youth unemployment, increasing people's skills and reducing long term unemployment and poverty.”

To have your say visit the dedicated page on the city council’s Be Heard consultation portal. All responses must be received by 8 January 2023.


Notes to Editor: ‘Breaking Down Barriers: Working Towards Birmingham’s Future’ is a Birmingham City Council Cabinet Office produced report, examining the impact of Covid-19 on young people in Birmingham.

It specifically focuses on the effects of the pandemic on youth employment in the city, and the challenges faced by young people seeking employment and work experience. The report sets out a range of practical recommendations for improving and simplifying the employment, education and training landscape in Birmingham.

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