Help bring Great British Railways to Brum

Published: Monday, 8th August 2022

The leaders of the three largest political parties at the city council have written a joint letter to the people of Birmingham.

It encourages them to vote for the city to be the new headquarter for Great British Railways, the new public body that decides where trains go, when they go and how much people will pay:

Dear Birmingham,

We are delighted that Birmingham has been shortlisted as one of the six potential locations for the headquarters of the new Great British Railways body. The Government has now put this to a public vote, and as the Leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat groups on Birmingham City Council we are urging everyone to get online and vote for Birmingham!

Great British Railways (GBR) will be the new public body that will oversee a new era of innovation, investment and integration across our rail network, deciding where trains go and what the tickets cost.

Birmingham is the beating heart of the UK, we’re the best-connected city outside of London, and this is our chance to show how proud we are of our heritage, and how ambitious we are for the future as we enter a golden decade of opportunity.

If Great British Railways were to have its headquarters in our city it would bring jobs, investment and opportunities to Birmingham, building on the development that we will see in the coming years with the arrival of HS2.

So please, help us to bring Great British Railways to Birmingham by searching for GBR Vote and following the quick and easy steps to vote, and encourage your friends and families to do so too!

Councillor Ian Ward

Councillor Robert Alden

Councillor Jon Hunt




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