Social Care Workforce Race Equality Standard

Being 1 of 18 Local Authorities joining the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) represents a key moment in making the pursuit of workplace equality in social care official for Birmingham City Council.

This commitment provides an important opportunity to develop a consistent and effective approach across the adult and children's social care sectors.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in tackling the challenges around diversity and inclusion in the social care workforce and expanding on the work already present.

WRES has been a key starting point in our journey towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

It is evident that equality and diversity are essential components of health and social care and should be kept at the forefront of everybody's mind. These principles are not only crucial for our citizens but also for our colleagues.

Moving forward, we demonstrate that a diverse and inclusive workforce that promotes equality for all is the most productive and resilient.

Professor Graeme Betts CBE (Corporate Director, Adult Social Care)

You can view the detailed Social Care Workforce Race Equality Standard action plan.

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