What are Bolder Healthier Champions?

The Bolder Healthier Champions programme originates from the similar COVID-19 Champions, who were essential in assisting Birmingham City Council to tackle the many challenges that were posed by the coronavirus pandemic. During this period, champions worked with us to provide access to reliable and safe COVID-19 information to share with friends, families, and communities.

By regularly receiving clear and trustworthy information, Birmingham residents were able to make more informed choices, to stay as safe as possible as we continued to work through the pandemic.

We are now in an evolutionary phase as COVID-19 Champions transition to becoming community connectors, helping to reduce health inequalities that exist throughout Birmingham and improve the wellbeing of the whole city in a range of ways.

The role of champions and their community connections will be vital in coming years, assisting with the council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy, ‘Creating a Bolder, Healthier City 2022 to 2030’.

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