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Coping with financial issues

Money is one of the things that often generates a huge amount of stress and anxiety and too many of us aren’t great at saving while being very good at spending money.

There is evidence that shows that financial insecurity impacts on physical and mental health, this can be in a direct way where individuals can’t afford food or to pay for heating which then leads to ill health, or an more indirect way where someone can’t afford the bus fare to attend a hospital appointment.

Below are some resources that can help support budget management and getting on top of your money:

There are often times when managing your budget becomes overwhelming and you may fall into debt and struggle to manage repayments on loans or credit cards.

The Money Advice Service is a free national service to help people get free advice and support about money and debt issues. The website has lots of really helpful information including debt advisor search engine so you can find free accurate advice.

The council has a range of debt factsheets to help managing debt as there is a lot that you can do, if you reach out for help.

Citizens Advice has a lot of information on managing and avoiding debt.

The Debt Advice Service is a national charity supporting people with debt issues.

The most important first step when you are worried about money is writing things down and picking up the phone to get help and advice.

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