Birmingham Children’s Partnership - What we do

We understand that austerity and the coronavirus have hit families hard across the city. Working together and with people in each area of Birmingham who know their locality, we want to quickly and effectively connect families to the best local support improving the lives of children and families in Birmingham.

Birmingham Children’s Partnership is leading the strategic development of Children and Family services in the city. Over the next few years we will make thousands of small changes to the way our services operate. We are investing more than £50m over five years and are committed to making these changes stick.

Hexagon diagram of services delivered by BCP

Our values

  • OPENNESS We are open and honest as with each other, and with children, young people, families, and communities
  • INTEGRITY We take responsibility for our actions, and we keep the commitments we make to partners and to children, young people, and their families
  • BOLDNESS We support and challenge each other to take risks and we committed to action, and making things happen
  • COLLABORATION We value the contribution made by all our partners, we build and maintain good quality relationships with children, young people, and families
  • LEARNING Our partnership will achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people if we create opportunities to learn together as a system

Our principles

  • Children and young people are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to creating opportunities for children, young people, and families to participate fully in the codesign of services throughout everything we do. We will continue to refine and adapt our plan in response to views and lived experience of children and young people.
  • We are ambitious for every child and young person in Birmingham. We will work together to improve universal help and early support. We know we must tackle inequalities and improve outcomes for our vulnerable groups. We will make use of the best available data and evidence. Our plan will focus on children and young people who face outcome inequalities, and we will tackle racism and disproportionality.
  • We are one partnership, with one set of priorities. The shared ambition of our plan is to make Birmingham a great place to grow up. We are taking a place-based approach to deliver this ambition, and we know as system leaders that we must forge effective cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary collaboration around agreed and collective strategic actions. Our organisations have different transformation plans, but we work in unison toward our shared ambition.
  • We are relationship based and restorative in our approach. We invest in relationships. We work with respect and compassion with children, young people, families, communities, and professionals. We create inclusive organisational cultures. We are proactive in reaching out to children, young people and families who need support. We are aware of and responsive to trauma and adversity. We use restorative responses to conflict and harm.

Page last updated: 23 August 2023

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