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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Check out the latest advice, service disruptions, information and support about Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest updates

Birmingham Children’s Partnership - Resources

In response to the coronavirus the Partnership has accelerated work that will make the biggest difference to children and families.

Covid-19 Early Help

Families are telling us about the many challenges they face as a direct result of Coronavirus and during this recovery period.  So as partners across Birmingham we are connecting together to support families who want early help.  

The following will be connecting together in ten localities: community, voluntary and faith sectors, health, family support, social work, police, schools, further education, nurseries, children’s centres, health visitors and GPs.

Each locality has a voluntary sector lead and a public sector lead.  Professionals, parent, carers and young people can use the mind map below to connect to the leads, and discover other services that are available in each locality during Covid-19.

Mind map of COVID-19 early help support

Locality leads have close relationships with partners and communities, so they can provide advice and guidance, connect families to those who will support them, and draw on community resources to help families to be more resilient.

Some families need support from more than one professional.  We no longer make referrals for early help, but connect and work together to support families, continuing to build relationships and supporting a range of needs of family members. 

We are working on a case management system for everyone in early help, for now please use the Family Connect Form.

Family Connect Form

As an example: John is a teacher with Jasmine Smith in his class.  John is worried about Jasmine’s performance and that she’s tired in the morning.  John approaches the family and is told about the caring responsibilities of Jasmine and also notices that the little brother has speech and language difficulties.  With permission from the family John telephones the Locality Lead and sends a Family Connect Form with details.  

The Locality Lead connects John and the family to a community group supporting carers that is based in the next street.  The family is also put in touch with the local speech and language therapist who works with the nursery to support the little brother.  John continues to keep in touch with the family and builds a strong and trusting relationship with the parents.

Emergency Resilience Funding

We are now able to provide emergency support to young people and families. The funding is strictly for emergencies due to Covid-19. Longer-term or ongoing needs should be addressed through the Birmingham City Council Local Welfare Provision.

The emergency funding is for families in hardship, for example to buy food, medicines, nappies and other supplies. Or to pay for emergency fuel, white goods or internet access.

Applications should be made by professionals, and we are reliant on the integrity of professionals to assess the level of support required. The application form is short and payments are made within two days, or less if very urgent. In addition, early help locality teams will be in touch with families to offer support for other needs, in partnership with schools, nurseries and other universal services.

Young people and families cannot apply directly. If you have an emergency need then please contact support workers or schools as a first step to access Resilience Funding.

Please visit this web page every time you apply to ensure you have the most up to date application form.

Application form

Covid-19 Community Grants

The Community Grants for 2020 to 2021 have now been awarded, with more than 140 new services and support in localities for families. 

New grass-roots level grants are planned for April 2021.

Government vision for Early Help

The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government recently published a vision and toolkit for early help.

Download the guide

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