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Birmingham Children’s Partnership - What we do

We understand that austerity and the coronavirus have hit families hard across the city. Working together and with people in each area of Birmingham who know their locality, we want to quickly and effectively connect families to the best local support improving the lives of children and families in Birmingham.

Birmingham Children’s Partnership is leading the strategic development of Children and Family services in the city. Over the next few years we will make thousands of small changes to the way our services operate. We are investing more than £50m over five years and are committed to making these changes stick.

Hexagon diagram of services delivered by BCP


The following principles guide how we will redesign services and support for children and families.

  1. Leaders trust each other, and there is a willingness to solve problems as a system and share risks
  2. We collectively rebalance investment from acute services to early help for children and families
  3. Frontline practice shifts to whole family working and co-production with families
  4. Services and systems are more connected: multi-agency teams are based in localities and professionals are part of the community
  5. We share data and intelligence to help target those most in need, and
  6. We focus on relationships and bring more compassion to service delivery and our processes.


To support families through the coronavirus period, we have accelerated our plans for some services, including:

  • Ten new localities for early help, connecting services and communities
  • Grants for community, voluntary and faith groups
  • Resilience funding for families
  • Online mental health counselling, chat and peer support for young people aged 11 to 25 provided by
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