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Story inspiration | Creepy collection - Shabti and Bes | Birmingham City Council

Story inspiration

Maybe figures like Bes and Taweret could inspire you to write a scary story about a monsterous creation of your own? Darren Shan creates the most terrifying monsters, especially in his series called The Demonata. Lord Loss is described as a lumpy red daemon with 8 arms and a hole where his heart should be, filled with wiggling green snakes! There are also lots of possibilities for writing about cursed artefacts - what would happen in Birmingham if a mummy's curse was unleashed?

Another starting point could be to think about a time far in the future when all future humans (or super-humans, or aliens who have landed, or a new species who have evolved) have of our civilisation are some artefacts they have dug up. What would they make of us? Would anything we left behind have a curse or other dangers attached?