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Story inspiration | Creepy collection - Dutch doll | Birmingham City Council

Story inspiration

Can you imagine spending your winter working hard long into the night, making dolls or dolls' clothes? It would be dark outside and your only company would be rows of dolls - maybe they'd start to look sinister in the candlelight.... Many people do find dolls spooky and sinister and there are quite a few horror stories about them. In the graphic novel Once Upon a Time (Nightmares & Fairy Tales #1) by Serena Valentino, Annabelle is a rag doll whose memories are filled with frightening stories and dark fairy tales about her various owners.

Could these Dutch Dolls have supernatural powers and would they be good or evil? Why are these Dutch Dolls being made? Is there a sinister army of Dolls on the rise? If you don't want to write about spooky dolls then maybe there are other children's toys that are potentially sinister or lethal? Make a start and see where your story goes!