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Story inspiration | Creepy collection - Death plaque | Birmingham City Council

Story inspiration

Maybe this death plaque could inspire you to write a scary story? You could write a historical story set during the First or Second World War and imagine what happens to a Brummie character. Or maybe you have a true story in your family history about life in war-time - maybe even a story from your own life if you have come to Birmingham from a country that is currently affected by war. You could also write an imaginative story set during a war. In the past people have imagined gods walking among the fighters on the battlefield or that the ground was haunted afterwards by the people who died there.

In The Foreshadowing by Marcus Sedgwick, the author combines a First World War story with a hint of the supernatural. 17 year old Sasha gets glimpses of the future - and of her brother's death in the battle of the Somme. Despite her father's objections she travels to France as a volunteer nurse to try to change the future and save Tom from a horrible death. Or for a totally different kind of read you could try The Book Thief by Markus Zusak where the story is told by Death himself who is kept very busy in Nazi Germany during the Second World War.