Improve your English with our ESOL collection

Are you:

  • an asylum seeker or refugee?
  • someone who wants to set up a business but does not have the business language skills?
  • waiting to take IELTS tests or the FCE examinations and need to practice?
  • or do you just need to improve your English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary?

On level 3 in the Library of Birmingham we have books, CD ROMs and audio CDs to help you improve your English. These are available for loan or to use in the library.

We can also provide you with information on ESOL courses that are taking place in Birmingham.

One of the most popular of our ESOL collections is the material we have concerning the IELTS examinations. We hold the Cambridge IELTS past exam paper books which contain audio material as well as the papers. We also have Cambridge resources for the other ESOL examinations such as First Certificate, KET and PET.

We have a series of graded easy readers which are loaned along with the accompanying audio CDs so that the text can be followed whilst listening to the audio reading.

Amongst our collection we also hold the popular Headway series of ESOL material.

We have collections on specific areas of ESOL such as Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, as well as a section dedicated to Business and Vocational English.

The ESOL material is a popular collection and if the material you wish to borrow is not currently available, remember that we hold Reference copies that can be used in the library or you can ask us to reserve the item for you. We will take the details off your library card and contact you by email or text when the item becomes available.

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