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Part-time/Reduced timetables

Birmingham City Council has published new guidance to set out the process for all schools to notify the Local Authority when a child is placed on a part-time/reduced school timetable.

In very exceptional circumstances there may be a need for a temporary part-time/reduced timetable to meet a pupil’s individual needs. For example; where a medical condition prevents a pupil from attending full-time education or a reduced timetable is considered as part of a re-integration package.

Anyone who comes into contact with children and their families has a role to play in safeguarding children as described in statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015.

Current guidance from Ofsted states that information about children missing from education is essential and all schools should notify the Local Authority of any part-time education arrangements. This includes schools maintained by the Local Authorities, Academies, Free Schools and Independent Schools.

Download the Part-time or Reduced Timetables - Birmingham City Council Guidance for Schools

Where children are placed on part-time/reduced timetables, the school can notify the local authority by completing a simple, online form, you can use the same form for half termly/termly nil return (no new cases) as applicable.

Please note that this would not constitute a 'referral', rather; it is a notification. Subsequent to the notification, the school will only be contacted by an officer for further details if needed, or to ensure the arrangement has ended as agreed once the agreed timescale has been expired.

You can now also use this form to submit a half termly/termly nil return (no new cases).

Part-time/reduced timetable notification and half termly/termly nil return (no new cases) form: Begin now

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