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Fatma Mohiuddin - young poet laureate 2020 to 2022

Photo of Fatma Mohiuddin, Bham young poet laureate 2020 to 2022

My name is Fatma Mohiuddin, I am 14 years old and a year 9 student at King Edward VI High School for girls. I have been writing from a very young age and have always had the encouragement and support from my family. I started off with creative writing but soon discovered I was more inclined towards poetry. However, I have only been writing more seriously over the last couple of years, with an especial interest in Spoken Word Poetry. Through participating in a club at school I have been provided with the confidence to share my poetry more widely, and have performed at numerous school events, with the motivation of my teachers.

Poetry is a huge part of my life and the ability to convert my thoughts and feelings into words is extremely important to me. As well as this, I love to explore a wide range of topics and challenge traditional stereotypes. I hope to inspire many young people to start writing poetry and help them gain the belief to share their own work.

Apart from poetry I also enjoy playing netball, baking and reading.

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