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Brighton Belle "Hazel" Pullman kitchen car | Birmingham railway heritage study centre | Birmingham City Council
Brighton belle hazel pullman kitchen car model train photograph

Brighton Belle "Hazel" Pullman kitchen car

"Hazel" was built in 1932 by Metro-Cammell as part of a five-car electric Pullman train no. 2051 (later re-numbered 3051). The other coaches were "Doris", and nos. 86, 88, and 89. They entered service in 1933 on Southern Railway's Brighton Belle, and were still operating when the Victoria to Brighton service was axed in 1972 despite nationwide protests. The multiple unit was split up and sold off, and "Hazel" went to a Mrs. Pagendam, proprietor of the Black Bull Inn, Moulton, Yorkshire, who had it restored for use as a first class restaurant in the grounds.

The scale model's dimensions are: 195cm length x 43cm width x 137cm height, including the free-standing glass case. It is thought that it was made by apprentices at Metro-Cammell around the time the carriage itself was built. This model of "Hazel" has an outstanding amount of detail, including furniture, table lamps, crockery, cutlery, marquetry wall plaques, and kitchen utensils.