1846 Catherine (Kate) Greenaway was born on March 17, in Hoxton, London. Her father John Greenaway was an engraver, her mother Elizabeth Catherine Jones owned and ran a millinery shop.
1867 Kate's first book illustration was published, being the frontispiece to "Infant Amusement, or How To Make a Nursery Happy."
  The stationery and publishing company Marcus Ward & Co. open their London office.
1868 Kate's first public exhibition of her drawings at Dudley Gallery, Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. She exhibited six drawings on wood featuring fairies and gnomes.
1868 to 1878 Kate becomes a designer for Marcus Ward in 1868, a working partnership that lasts for 10 years. It is not known how many designs Kate produced for Ward as neither she nor the company kept complete records or sets of cards. Her card designs were recorded at Stationers' Hall but not in her name, only later cards bare her monogram 'KG'. During her time as a freelance artist, Kate designed cards for other publishers including Frederick Warne and Goodall & Sons.
1869 Kate is commissioned to illustrate her first children's toy book "Diamonds and Toads", published by Frederick Warne & Co. in 1871.
1879 Kate Greenaway's first self-penned and illustrated children's book of verse "Under The Window"  is published.
1878 to 1888 Kate Greenaway publishes a wealth of story books and almanacs for children to great critical acclaim.
1889 Kate Greenaway becomes an elected member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours
1901 Kate Greenaway died on November 6, 1901. She is buried in Hampstead Cemetery, London.
1955 The Kate Greenaway Medal is established by the Library Association and is today overseen by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). The medal is awarded annually for the most outstanding illustration in a book for children and young people.
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