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Birmingham Asian heritage sources

The following is a source list of those materials held in the Local Studies Collection relating to a study of Birmingham’s place in British Asian heritage. The Local Studies Collection is a designated repository of printed resources pertaining to the cultural and historic development of the city.

Community profiles

Communities of Asian Origin in Birmingham (1994). LP 21.85.
The Bangladeshi Community in Birmingham (1995). LF 21.85.
The Bangladeshi Community in Birmingham (2001). LF 21.85.
The Hindu Community in Birmingham. (1995). LF 21.85.
The Pakistani Community in Birmingham. (1997). LF 21.85.
The Sikh Community in Birmingham. (1995). LF 21.85.

Journals and magazines

Boyshakhi. (Quarterly Bengali magazine). September 2003 to September 2004. LB 21.84.
Dawn, Newsletter of the Birmingham Mosque Trust Ltd. September 1991 to July 2012. LBF 19.96.
Lions and Princesses, Magazine for Sikh Youth. Editions 1 to 2, Winter 1993 to Spring 1994. LBF 19.971.
Mazdoor. (Punjabi monthly journal of the Indian Workers Association). Nos. 1 to 4, 1961 to 1962. LB 21.82.
Muath Welfare Trust. Annual reports and Accounts. 1994/5, 2000, 2003. LBF 19.96.
Muslim Women’s Network. Issue 1, August 2006. LBF 19.96.
Sirat-e-Mustaqeen. December 2002 to February 2007. LBF 19.96.
The Young Muslim. April/May 1976 – Aug/Sep. 1979. LB 19.96.

Newspaper cuttings

Birmingham Ethnic Community newscuttings, 1954 to August 2005. Reclassified as Asian Communities from August 2005 onwards.
Islamic Community in Birmingham. January 1965 to August 2004. LF 19.96.
Sikh Community in Birmingham. January 1967 to March 2003. LF 19.971.


Abbas, Tahir. Muslims in Birmingham, Background paper for COMPAS. (2006). LP 19.96.
Akhtar, Jawaid. Pakistanis in Britian, 1990s and Beyond. (1996). L 21.85.
Bassi, Camila. Asian Gay Counter – Hegemonic Negotiation of Birmingham’s Pink Pound Territory.(2003). LF 22.85.
Chishti, Makhdoom Ahmad. Lok Virsa, Exploring the Muslim Heritage. (2008). L 19.96.
Choudhury, Yousuf and Drake, Peter. From Bangladesh to Birmingham. The History of Bangladeshis in Birmingham.(2001). LF 21.85.
Choudhury, Yousuf. The Roots and Tales of Bangladeshi Settlers. (1993). L 21.85.
Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham. The Sikh Community in Birmingham, Identifying Community Needs and Development Strategies.(1993). LP 19.971.
Desai, Rashmi. Indian Immigration to Britain. (1963). L 21.85.
Dudrah, Rajinder. Bhangra : Birmingham and Beyond. (2007). L 55.
Dudrah, Rajinder Birmingham’s Asian Community. A series of articles on topics such as Bhangra and Zee TV. LF 21.85.
Jamdagni, Laxmi. Hamari Rangily Zindagi, Our Colourful Lives. Report on Asian Girls in the Midlands. (198-). LF 21.85.
Kalra, Surjit Singh. Daughters of Tradition, Adolescent Sikh Girls and their accommodation to life in British Society. (1980). L 21.85.
Karamat, Iqbal. Dear Birmingham, a Conversation with my Hometown. (2013). L 21.85.
Mohammed, Izzy. From Bangladesh to Smethwick. (2008). L 21.85.
Prem, Dhani. The Parliamentary Leper, A History of Colour Prejudice in Britain. (1965). L 21.85.
Rahman, Aftab. Bangla Food Journeys. (2011). LF 21.85.

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