Community schemes

Many do not view themselves as being in a community, however, everyone is part of numerous communities without even knowing, you just have to embrace what you and your community do and how you interact. Throughout Birmingham there are various community schemes for example; Karis neighbourhood scheme, various allotments, stay warm stay well and empowering older people.

Communities can be geographical, so the area you live in, it can be a culture or religion based community, you can be part of a community that share a hobby or interest, for example crafts. The community schemes within Birmingham work mainly with geographical communities within a ward, or even within a street. You may not think you belong to a community; however there may be projects in your area to help you in a number of ways just because your neighbours want to help.

Knowing who you live with locally can help make you feel secure, part of a team, working towards the greater good for your area and feeling safer knowing who you are living with locally and that they are looking out for you no matter the circumstance. Most community schemes are free of charge or require a small cost. Why not see what is on your doorstep?

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