Ukraine crisis

As people around the world watch what’s happening in Ukraine, Birmingham’s communities are coming together to support international appeals and efforts to help those fleeing war. Details of how to offer support and where to find information and advice can be found on our City of Sanctuary webpage

I have not been offered accommodation

If you are on the housing register but have not yet been offered accommodation then you may need to consider the following:

  • Make sure you are maximising your bids.  You can place 2 bids every week.  Bids can be reviewed and changed before the bidding cycle closes at midnight every Monday.  This means that if you place a bid early in the bidding cycle, at which point you are in bid position 1 but when you check again a few days later you find that there are a lot of people ahead of you, then you can remove the bid and use it on a different property.  As a rough guide only the top three bids are invited to a viewing although occasionally people below this may be invited the following week if no-one accepts the property.  If you leave a low position bid on a property then you are wasting that bid.
  • Expand the areas that you are bidding on.  Social housing stock varies in different areas across Birmingham.  Some areas are also in high demand.  In particular there is a shortage of larger properties (four or more bedrooms) across the whole of the city.  
  • Change the property types that you are bidding on.  Houses are understandably in greater demand than flats and this may mean that it takes a very long time to secure a house, especially if the areas you are looking in are limited or you have a low band award.  You may need to consider that the only way you will get social housing to meet your immediate needs will be to bid on property types that are not your preferred option.
  • Consider other housing options.  If it is taking too long to obtain social housing of the type you want in the area that you want then you may wish to consider other housing options such as the private rented sector.  For more information visit your housing options page. 
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