The Birmingham Westside extension will bring Metro services from Grand Central to Centenary Square, Broad Street, Five Ways and Hagley Road.

The extension up to the Library tram stop is now open.

Final testing of the route from Centenary Square along Broad Street to Hagley Road in Edgbaston (just west of Five Ways) has been completed.

Passenger services for the rest of the extension are due to begin July 2022.

The following is an up-to-date review of the permitted traffic movements and restrictions for vehicles in the Broad Street area:

  • Broad Street has become a red route for all vehicles with no stopping or loading at any time other than for buses and trams at their designated stops.
  • Vehicles travelling from Bridge Street can turn left only into Broad Street, and travel as far as Berkley Street
  • There is no left turn from Broad Street into Gas Street
  • All vehicles travelling from Gas Street can turn left only into Broad Street, except for buses, taxis and cycles which can also turn right
  • Vehicles travelling along Granville Street can turn left only onto Broad Street, and travel as far as Five Ways Island, or turn right from Broad Street into Sheepcote Street to access Brunswick Square and Brindleyplace (Q park). Buses and taxis can also turn right out of Granville Street
  • Vehicles travelling along Broad Street can turn left only onto Bishopsgate Street, with no access from Bishopsgate Street onto Broad Street for any vehicles.
  • Trams and buses will be the only vehicles permitted to use Five Ways underpass.
  • Vehicles approaching Broad Street from Five Ways Island can turn left onto Ryland Street or go straight on before turning left onto Sheepcote Street West. Citybound access between Sheepcote Street and Berkley Street is prohibited for private vehicles (other than trams, buses and taxis)

Read more about the Westside extension on the Midland Metro Alliance website

A tram in service at the Library of Birmingham tram stop

Page last updated: 23 February 2024

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