Overview and objectives

In partnership with Colomore Business District, Birmingham City Council are delivering Snow Hill Public Realm, a programme of projects that are aimed at improving public transport interchange, connectivity and economic performance through rationalisation of movement around Snow Hill Station providing a blueprint for future investments in the City Centre.

A baseline report was produced suggesting City Centre improvements and the following objectives were identified:

  • Improve the appearance of Snow Hill Station
  • Reduce delay for all users on Colmore Row outside Station Square
  • Improve the permeability of Snow Hill Queensway
  • Improve pedestrian access across Great Charles Street Queensway
  • Improve East West connectivity
  • Reduce traffic congestion on Colmore Row
  • Improve the Public Realm in the Historic Colmore area
  • Reduce delay at the Colmore Row – Livery Street Junction

These proposals aim to support businesses in the area through improved public realm by uplifting the quality of materials used in the area, prioritising pedestrian movement, reallocating the unused on-street parking and support the commercial vitality to the district by encouraging on street activity.

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