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Colmore Row East and Livery Street

Latest news

McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd are carrying out the improvement works on behalf of the council.  The main works started on 8 June 2020 with the removal of the existing central reservation on Colmore Row. Work is expected to be complete in Autumn 2021.

About the project

The Colmore Row East and Livery Street project includes:

  • Improving the pedestrian space with high quality paving materials and hard and soft landscaping features, including widening the footpath in some places.
  • Removing the right turn from Livery Street onto Colmore Row. Vehicles on Livery Street will have to turn left (eastbound) onto Colmore Row.
  • Changes on Lionel Street and surrounding roads to provide an alternative bus route for buses that currently turn right into Colmore Row from Livery Street.
  • Swapping the bus stop and taxi rank adjacent to the square on Livery Street and Colmore Row; the new taxi rank will be at the top of Livery Street and the bus stop will be outside the main pedestrian entrance to Snow Hill Station.
  • Removing the central reservation at the pedestrian crossing outside Costa. This will narrow the road, provide more pedestrian space, and shorten crossing distance.
  • Changes to the loading bay opposite Livery Street and Colmore Row junction to improve visibility at the pedestrian crossing.
  • Changing the current one-way traffic to two-way traffic between Livery Street’s junctions with Cornwall Street and Barwick Street, to enable exit from Snow Hill car park and Livery Street via either Barwick Street or Cornwall Street;
  • Extending uncontrolled and controlled crossings (shown by different road surface).
  • Introducing a Restricted Parking Zone on Colmore Row to minimise road markings.
  • Preserving the right turn lane for cyclists from Colmore Row into Bull Street.
  • Installing of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) furniture on the boundary between Station Square and Colmore Row East and south footway of Colmore Row East.

Download map of planned changes

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