How will this affect me?

We appreciate that everyone will have a different journey. Those travelling through the area should plan their journeys and allow extra time.


General traffic will no longer be allowed to drive along the full length of Digbeth High Street. Bus lanes will allow only buses, bicycles, and taxis (Hackney Carriages) to use the whole of the High Street in both directions.

Inbound towards the city centre, the new restrictions to private vehicles will be in place from the Chapel House Street junction with Digbeth High Street as far as Meriden Street. Restrictions outbound operate between Floodgate Street and Chapel House Street, along Digbeth High Street. Existing bus lanes to the east of these new restrictions will continue to permit motorcycles.

Meriden Street is currently one-way to vehicular traffic to enable utility upgrades and diversions to take place. There is no vehicular access to Digbeth High Street from Meriden Street while these works are underway.

Some turning movements from and to Digbeth High Street will be prohibited (for example, no right turn from Digbeth High Street into or out of Heath Mill Lane). Gibb Street one-way section will be reversed towards Digbeth High Street.

Access to some areas north of Digbeth High street will be via Garrison Circus.

Traffic will still be able to travel in both directions on Bradford Street, and the right turn from Digbeth onto Bradford Street will be reopened to allow vehicles to exit the city centre from Moor Street and Bullring car parks and service yard.


Cyclists will continue to be able to use the entire length of Digbeth High Street.

As part of the emergency Birmingham Transport Plan and through available funding from the Government’s Active Travel Fund (ATF), we wish to build on recent changes in behaviour and enable people to continue walking and cycling more.

We have created a ‘pop-up’ cycle route along Bradford Street. Moving forward, we are exploring options to make this a permanent scheme.


As progress on Lower Bull Street, West Midlands Bus services are diverted to nearby bus stops in the city centre.

Bus stops on Digbeth High Street will be retained with improved waiting areas. By removing general through traffic, buses will be able to move through the area without delays, so services should become more reliable.


This scheme will dramatically improve facilities for pedestrians. The space will be increased in size and repaved and will include new planting.

With the removal of through traffic, the road will be quieter and safer, and the air quality will be better.

There is currently a pedestrian diversion on Digbeth High Street to allow for the demolition of the Steamhouse building.


These changes have been developed in consultation with local businesses, loading and access needs have been taken into consideration. A limited number of loading bays will be provided on Digbeth High Street and further loading provision will be available on certain side roads.

A key aim of the regeneration activity is to support increased footfall for businesses with enhanced pedestrian spaces, and later the introduction of Metro services.

Page last updated: 19 July 2022

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