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Continuing professional development

The documents below provide an overview of the subject area.

Here you may find presentations from past conferences and briefings (pre 2019-2020 academic year) grouped under key topics from 'Keeping children safe in education': statutory guidance for schools and colleges.

The descriptors provide an example of what may be included within each topic. 

Please also visit the 'DSL Toolbox' page for additional tools to aid you as you support children in your setting.

Abuse - including domestic abuse, faith abuse and relationship abuse

Bullying - including cyberbullying

Children and the courts - including witnesses in criminal courts

Children missing education, home or care - including adults missing strategy

Children with family members in prison

Child Exploitation - including county lines, child sexual exploitation and trafficking

Drugs - including alcohol

‘Honour Based Violence’ (so called) - including female genital mutilation and forced marriage

Health and Wellbeing - including fabricated or induced illness, resilience, medical conditions, mental health and behaviour


Online safety - including sexting

Private fostering

Radicalisation - including prevent and educate against hate

Violence - including gangs and youth violence, violence against women and girls, sexual violence and sexual harassment

Other areas

The following information does not fit neatly under a single topic listed above.

Contextual safeguarding

Financial abuse: Illegal money lending

Peer on peer

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