If a protected tree has been damaged or is dangerous

If a protected tree belongs to you/is on your property and has been damaged by strong winds, you can carry out work to make it safe. The work must be the minimum needed, and any additional work will require a formal application to us.

You must tell us as soon as possible if you have carried out such work, or if a protected tree has been blown over in your garden. You may be required to later replace the tree.

If possible take photographs of the damage, or get a qualified tree surgeon to make a written report, as it will be your responsibility to prove that any work carried out was essential to make the tree safe.

If a tree causes damage to people or property, the owner will be liable if it can be proven they have been negligent in looking after it. In this case you will need to prove the owner knew the tree was dangerous, and did nothing to make it safe.

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