​​​​​​​Budget consultation 2018+

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Our vision for the future of Birmingham is for a city of growth, in which every child, citizen and place matters – a great city to grow up and grow old in, where people are healthier, communities grow stronger, and decent housing provides a strong foundation in which to raise families and build careers.

We want to play a key role in turning this vision into reality, but we need to make big savings – because of the unprecedented financial challenges we face – as well as big plans. So we want to know if we’re making the right choices for you and your family.

The budget consultation launched on 12 December 2017, and it will run until 15 January 2018.

You can read details of the proposals, and fill in a short online survey.

We held a public meeting and a meeting for business rate payers on 10 January, and you can download the presentations for each here:

Note that this is part of the corporate consultation and overall budget proposals. Consultation with specific groups of service users will take place where appropriate.

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