Education Safety Services

Education Safety Services provides health and safety advice to help schools to create a safe school environment, giving them the tools and knowledge to show they meet health and safety requirements.

The basic package available to subscribers includes:

  • Advice and support for any issue relating to an educational visit
  • An accident management system and HSE reporting
  • Access to guidance on common health and safety issues and problems
  • Toolkits to help schools to develop their own policies and risk assessments.

The following additional services are also available:

  • Health and safety audit
  • Accident or incident investigation
  • Asbestos management plan review
  • Fire risk assessment and review
  • Return to work assessments
  • Security risk assessment
  • School safe construction programme
  • Section 19 permits
  • Swimming pool audits
  • Tree assessments
  • Educational Visit Coordinator and Leader training
  • Review of Educational Visit procedures and policy
  • Curriculum support, including outdoor learning cards training for staff, site visits to review the use of grounds for outdoor learning, and using
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