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Policy prohibiting the intentional release of balloons and sky lanterns

Birmingham City Council does not permit the intentional release into the sky of balloons or sky lanterns from any land or property which it owns and/or controls.

This includes our streets and squares, parks, cemeteries and local authority schools.    

Once released, there is no control over where these items may travel to or land. They can cause harm to wildlife and the environment, and in the case of sky lanterns, have been the cause of several major fires.

By balloons we mean any inflatable flexible bag filled with a gas regardless of materials, but not piloted hot air balloons.

Sky Lanterns, sometimes referred to as ‘Chinese Lanterns’ or ‘Kong Ming’ lanterns, are any unmanned device which relies on an open flame or other heat source to heat air within it, with the intention of causing it to lift into the atmosphere.

Download the full policy document

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