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Each library, including the Mobile Library, Library Services at Home and other outreach services, acts as an access point to the whole library service

  • The physical stock of Birmingham Library and Archive Services is regarded as a single city-wide resource
  • All items in the lending stock of Birmingham Library and Archive Services are available for loan through any library service point
  • The physical stock will include material to suit a wide variety of needs from basic needs to core skills and research level.
  • The physical stock will reflect the widest diversity of cultural backgrounds and social views.
  • The stock will include material in large print; electronic and other non-book formats, particularly where this improves or provides access to the material for service users who cannot use standard size print
  • The stock, including electronic resources, will be used to promote literacy and encourage a love of reading, to support learning, to reflect and celebrate cultural diversity, and to contribute to an informed and active citizenship
  • The loan of recorded music, videos and DVDs are regarded as income generating services
  • The range of the physical stock and services provided from any one library will be determined by the needs of the local community, by Birmingham Library and Archive Services’ Stock Policy and by national standards
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