Lighting up the Library of Birmingham

The lighting system on the Library of Birmingham’s façade is capable of being lit in a range of colours. We receive a great number of requests to display different colours associated with events, campaigns and charities.

Requests to light up the Library of Birmingham should be sent to us by email at least four weeks in advance of the first date required.

The costs are:

1 day

(part or whole 24 hours)

Each additional day £150 per day/part day
eg 2 days would be £500 + £150 = £650
3 days would be £500 + £300 = £800
Other additional costs When an external company is required to provide extra programming for the lighting system, there will be one-off additional charge of £300 regardless of duration and will be advised on a case-by-case basis

Download the full policy which includes further information on advertising principles, previous examples and exceptions.

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