Getting permission to carry out work in a Conservation Area

Before you start any work on a property in a Conservation Area it is important to check whether you need Conservation Area Consent. Even if you don’t, we can advise you about the correct construction methods and appropriate materials, for example types of bricks or roofing materials that are in keeping with your property.

Check whether you need Conservation Area Consent at the Planning Portal.

You should also check whether you need any other permissions before starting work:

  • You may need Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval for some alterations.
  • Your building may also be listed and so you may need Listed Buildings Consent
  • In some areas (for example Bournville or the Calthorpe Estate in Edgbaston) you may also need the estate manager’s permission. You should contact the estate manage directly to find out whether permission is needed and how to apply.
  • Works in certain Conservation Areas may also have archaeological implications
  • All trees in Conservation Areas are protected

If works are carried out without the necessary permission, we can serve an Enforcement Notice requiring the building to be put back into its original condition. Failure to comply with this can lead to a fine of up to £20,000 being imposed by the Magistrates Court or an unlimited fine in the Crown Court.

Unfortunately at this time there aren’t any grants available specifically for heritage works within a Conservation Area. We recommend that you visit the English Heritage and Heritage Lottery Fund websites.

You can download a list of specialist builders and architects who can carry out this type of work.

Apply for conservation area consent

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