Birmingham Conservation and Heritage Panel (BCHP)

The Birmingham Conservation and Heritage Panel (BCHP) seeks to manage the city's heritage and respond to many new planning policies and strategies this year, including:

  • The new Birmingham Design Guide
  • The Our Future City Plan
  • A Heritage Supplementary Planning Document
  • The revised Heritage Strategy

The BCHP includes a range of experienced women and men from the heritage and design sectors who scrutinise the development proposals and plans which will shape the city.

Meeting monthly, these professionals from Birmingham and beyond assist officers in critiquing projects that will aid heritage-led regeneration, linking conservation initiatives to transport, housing, cultural and wider economic strategies across the city.

Whilst not a decision-making body, the BCHP will advise the Planning Committee on the challenging decisions for increasingly larger and more complex schemes, ensuring the best deal is struck for historic buildings and the places that form their setting.

With viability and development costs becoming ever more problematic in getting investment off the ground, the BCHP will be charged with ensuring that historic assets are protected and included in the benefits of these schemes.

As it is an exciting time for regeneration in Birmingham, the BCHP will prove to be an invaluable resource in providing confidence and certainty to projects that all communities of Birmingham will benefit from in our shared heritage.

Members of the BCHP:

  • Joe Holyoak – Chair
  • Alexa Woodward – Deputy Chair
  • Anna Parker
  • Annabel Keegan
  • Brian Tefula
  • Herpreet Rayet-Boughey
  • Jack Hanson
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Matthew Bott
  • Matthew Vaughan
  • Tim Bridges
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