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Andrew Lound

0121 356 5446 or 07771 904037
Non-profit (societies and clubs) £80 plus travel (train or bus); Heritage business (museums, NT etc) £160 plus travel; Commercial (corporate, conventions etc) £350 plus travel.
Equipment required
Digital projector
Size of audience
Day or evening
Subjects covered
  1. Titanic : The Midlands' Connection
  2. When The Lights Went Out - Birmingham Goes To War
  3. War In The Balance - Averys At War
  4. Lunatick Astronomy - The Lunar Society & Astronomy
  5. Vulcan's Temple -The Story of Soho Foundry
  6. Life In The Balance - Birmingham Titanic Victim (W E Hipkins)
  7. Herschel's Lunatick Friends - William Herschel's Midlands' Connections
  8. Brunel's Leviathan - The Great Eastern

Versions for schools and full theatre available.

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Additional information

Andrew has been presenting public lectures and staging exhibitions for nearly 40 years and has participated in over 5,000 events. He regularly tours the UK with his Trademark Odyssey Dramatic Presentations® and Lectures® and is invited back time and again due to popular demand.

He has supported astronomy and space science public awareness in the United Kingdom since the late 1970s having organised and funded many public activities in support of Birmingham Museum of Science & Industry. He was also co-organiser of the National Astronomy & Spaceflight Shows—shows of a style that changed the public view of astronomy events. He conceived and managed a large number of public science projects using developing technologies including telerobotics.

He has worked in USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, Middle East and North Africa. In 2005 he became the first western science speaker to tour Libya following the removal of sanctions. Due to the success of this work he was asked to return to Libya in 2006 to project manage a science and public awareness team to observe the total eclipse of the Sun, promote safe observation and stage a lecture tour.

Andrew is a man of many interests who specializes in space science and astronomy from both a current and historical perspective. In these fields he is renowned for his extensive knowledge which is always up to date. His research into the 18th century Lunar Society revealed many new and exciting discoveries about their activities including the discovery that Matthew Boulton, a man ahead of his time, had built an astronomical observatory in the grounds of Soho House, Birmingham.

Another main area of interest of his is the Titanic. After many years of dedicated research he is now recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. His research into the Birmingham and Midlands’ connections of the Titanic has been extensive and led him to writing; directing and producing a stage show ‘1912: A Titanic Odyssey.’ He has also written and performs a 10 and 12 part series about all aspects of the Titanic from its conception to its re-discovery. For the Titanic Centenary Commemoration he staged a large multi-media exhibition tracing the history of the ship with emphasis on its Midlands’ connections.

He acts as the UK National Coordinator for The Planetary Society, which is the world’s largest space interest group. He is a graduate of the London Academy of Radio Film and Television where he studied presentation techniques and television production. He can be heard regularly on BBC Radio WM and BBC Coventry & Warwickshire where he is known as “The Urban Spaceman” and WM’s “Titanic Expert.”

He has a Masters Degree in Astronomy with particular emphasis on Planetary Science. His current projects include working with the California Institute of Technology JPL on promoting the Cassini Mission to Saturn; Acting as project manager of The Antoniadi Project – a British concept of a space-probe to the Hellas Region on Mars; Developing new presentation techniques involving augmented reality to promote space science to the general public.

He also has a BA in Media Studies which he uses in conjunction with his knowledge of space science to promote astronomy and space exploration to the general public. He has acted as advisor on a number of television and film productions as well as appearing in many of them.

Having studied performing art and acting at a number of theatres and stage schools, he combines the skills acquired into the trade-marked Odyssey Dramatic Presentations and Lectures® that combine scientific knowledge, journalistic research with drama to present a unique performance. The presentations have now been taken to a new level with the ‘Odyssey Duo’ series.

From 2010 to 2014 he was Curator of the Avery Historical Museum located at the famous Soho Foundry in Smethwick. The museum was formed in 1927 where he developed the world renowned collection to encompass a history of the famous Soho Foundry.

He has four books published ‘Lunatick Astronomy’, ‘Life in the Balance’, ‘RMS Titanic Made In The Midlands’; ‘The Power of Balance: W & T Avery Ltd in the First World War’ with a number of books in preparation covering the history of Avery’s, and Soho Foundry.

He has been awarded several times for his contributions to space science public awareness and is in constant demand on the lecture circuit for his unique and entertaining style. He writes and presents history programmes for Made In Birmingham Television.

Andrew is currently working with Made In Birmingham TV writing and presenting history programmes including the highly acclaimed ‘Streets of Birmingham’; Talk Radio providing space science commentary. He staged an exhibition and programme of presentation in commemoration of the Apollo 11 Moon landing in 2019.

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