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Lifford Reservoir

Public notice

Due to the increase of fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour in the area surrounding the reservoir it has become necessary for the city council to implement a sustainable solution.

A height restriction barrier will therefore be placed at the entrance point A on the map below and access to vehicles will be restricted at point B.


Daily access to the reservoir will be possible for vehicles up to 1.95m in height.

Access for larger vehicles will depend on circumstances.
Consideration will be given to restricting vehicles at night in the future if required.
If you have any questions please contact Sue Amey Tel: 0121 464 8728


Lifford Reservoir, off Tunnel Lane, Birmingham, B30

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Lifford Reservoir was built by the Worcester and Birmingham Canal company in 1815 to compensate Lifford Mill for water lost to the canal.
Lake or reservoir
You can fish at Lifford Reservoir. Find out more about fishing in Birmingham's parks.
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