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Advertise in Birmingham city centre

Looking for ways to advertise outdoors in Birmingham? We offer highly effective and competitively priced city dressing platforms that can help you reach thousands of people across the city.

Our flags, banners and signs are located on busy routes in and out of the city as well as key city centre locations, providing an ideal and cost effective way of communicating with thousands of local residents.

Over 34 million people visited Birmingham last year - there is a huge audience interested in entertainment, sport and culture that will see you city dressing campaigns.

Busy Commuter Routes:  Flags and A45 sign

Make a spectacle with some of the 150+ exclusive flags situated throughout the city centre and along major commuter routes and residential locations.  In addition the A45 sign is visible to over 46,000 vehicles a day.

City Centre: Bridge:  Banner, Boards and Scrolls

Attract visitors, shoppers and workers in the the city centre by advertising on highly visible range of planter boards, rigid scrolls or the exclusive Centenary Bridge Banner.

High Streets, Leisure Centres and Libraries: Cycle Rack Posters

Over thirty durable poster sites throughout Birmingham’s busiest suburbs.