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The Council Business Plan

Council House

The council publishes its annual Business Plan and budget each financial year. It’s an important document that explains our key priorities and how we are going to deliver them.

The future council

Birmingham faces a future where working together with residents, businesses, community groups and the voluntary sector has never been so important.

Cuts to the council’s budget and the need to respond to external reviews mean that we need to rethink and reshape our services so they are fit for the future.

We need to do things differently to make the most of the resources we have.

Our aim is to create a sustainable, future-proof model of local public services – focused on supporting the needs of people, partnership working, empowered staff, and community engagement.

Our values

  • Putting residents first
  • Acting courageously
  • Being true to our word
  • Achieving excellence

Council Business Plan 2015+

In this year’s plan we set out our goals for the next financial year and beyond. Our mission is to make a positive difference every day to people’s lives.

Our objectives and priorities are:

A fair city

Where people are safe and not excluded from opportunities or services because of their background or where they live, and where older people are cared for with dignity in their own community.

A prosperous city

Where local entrepreneurs can thrive, inward investment is attracted, and there is a highly skilled workforce. A smart, green and sustainable city that is well-connected in every way.

A democratic city

Where everyone has a duty to contribute to civic life and a right to be heard as equals, where public services are accountable and focus on the ‘whole place’ and the ‘whole person’, and where citizens work together to look after each other.

The Council Business Plan 2015+ is made up of two documents. The Business Plan and Summary Budget sets out our vision sets out our vision, context and priorities for the next financial year and beyond.

The Budget Report and Resource Plan gives further detail on how it will work in practise and how we plan to resource it.

You can view these documents below.

Our ‘plan on a page’ summarises the two documents. You can read it here.

Below are links to our previous business plans. If you have any questions, or would like more information on the Business Plan, email us at: budget.views@birmingham.gov.uk

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